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NYE 2020

( Scorpios / Mykonos, Bercana Music ) Lannka founder of Bercana music & music director of scorpios mykonos, along with a generation of like-minded artists, is pushing the boundaries of electronic music not only towards the future, but also towards the past. Fusing ancient melodies with electronic beats to create magical vibes that go beyond dance music brings rich cultures together in mystical musical journeys. An idealism, where electronica sounds echo the organic textures of the cosmos and the deep bounds of existence. An overwhelming expedition to all places and dimensions. His music is engrained with ethnical influences and reveals the passionate explorer that he embodies.


Hovarda, an Aegean-inspired bar & restaurant in London's Soho.

36 – 40 Rupert Street

London, W1D 6DW

Tel: 0203 019 3460


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