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21 Jan



(Akumandra, Awen, Glory Hill)

With many years of experience in the music and organizational field, as well as their collaboration with the biggest domestic & international artists of the modern electronic music scene, the DJs Tasos Filippou and Thanos Makris joined forces in 2012 creating a new project. From their successful track to date, was formed in the Mångata project in early '18. Being influenced from the dance scenes of New York and Berlin, their unique sounds express all their feelings, spreading their vibe to the crowd. Deep, Melodic House & Techno sounds, flanked by vocals and classic elements are the features of their long back 2 back sets, which are featured in the country’s most high-end venues.

Their latest releases from labels as Saint Vie’s Akumandra and the spanish Awen Records are already making a statement worlwide, hitting the charts.

Dreams have no limits, and with the light of the moon drifting on the surface of the calm sea that joins all the corners of the Earth, they hope to “travel” with their music the audience’s minds and thoughts in as many parts of our beautiful planet as possible.


Hovarda, an Aegean-inspired bar & restaurant in London's Soho.