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19 May



Abstraal is a French duo with a shamanic sound.
They cook up the sort of absorbing grooves that get you moving and
always stir up a storm on the dance floor. Based in Lyon, Tutti & Castelz
have been combing their powers for a couple of years now, but have ten
years of friendship to draw on when casting their musical spells on dance
floors all over Germany, Spain, France, England and Denmark.
“We are born from the elastic union of astral scientists in a secret lab”
they say of how they cook up their otherworldly sounds : always with afro
tinges, melodic synths and an ethnic feel, their music is never too dark
and always designed for dancing late into the night. It has come on labels
like Natura Viva Music, the vital Family Piknik Music and Click Records,
with high profile supporters like Laurent Garnier, Black Coffee,
Township Rebellion, Anna, Ida Engberg, Shall Ocin, James Zabiella all
dropping & supporting Abstraal tunes in their sets.
Despite being a relatively new duo, this pair made an immediate mark:
they have already had Top 20 hits on the Beatport Melodic House &
Techno Chart with "Massalia" and a Top 20 Afro Track with "The Ancient
One", as well dropping a big free edit of Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’ which also
picked up plenty of plays.
Beyond DJing and producing, Abstraal are dictating trends in dance
music in many other ways. "Based on Real Facts" is their monthly radio
show on Datatransmisison and has seen them host guests like Glowal,
Phunkadelica, Citizen Kain, Space Motion, Ivan Masa and more. As well
as this, they run their own cult and pivotal parties in Lyon under the XLR
Events banner and have done for seven years now. As such, Abstraal are
deeply involved in dance music, shaping it in their own unique way and
making a lasting impression with whatever they do.


Hovarda, an Aegean-inspired bar & restaurant in London's Soho.