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19 August



Manu De Fra is a DJ from Italy. Born in Napes, he has been passionately involved with the House and Techno scene since early 2000. When he acquired his first pair of belt drive turntables, in London, it was love from the start and from that very beginning there was no turning away from the music and vice that is electronic music.
“Music-Making is another relationship in my life. It is a relationship where you can create an “ebb and flow”, losing yourself, and un-losing yourself”.
Manu is further cementing his status as one of electronic music’s most dynamic individuals, building a career based on strong philosophies.
He has consistently aimed to carve his own identity.
With the definitive moving to London, the new decade dawns an expansion of Manu’s career with explorations into new territories and areas unknown; his ambition and dedication to presenting an unfiltered version of himself remains unparalleled. Always moving forward and looking for opportunities to grow, the Italo-Brits artist is unlocking his true potential as a multi-faceted performer and artist.
Manu always plots exciting musical journeys that make people feel real emotions as they dance the night away. He has woven together his wide musical influences and slick mix of styles all over Italy, Spain and now ready to do the same in the UK.
As DJ, Manu De Fra has become known for his captivating and smooth sequencing, as well as his mesmerising track selection. Reflecting years of experience in the industry.


Hovarda, an Aegean-inspired bar & restaurant in London's Soho.