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17 May



Marianna grew up on Crete, where her father was a fisherman and her mother ran the family’s seafood restaurant, before later settling in the UK Having been head chef at Moro restaurant and starting up Morito on Hackney Road in London, she has developed a unique style of cooking that embraces traditional flavours from Crete and influences from the Eastern Mediterranean. Her food is evocative whilst she creates a marriage of cultures and traditions from the Aegean. A skilled storyteller, in her cookbook Aegean, she weaves an enveloping portrait of life on the island, which is simple but simultaneously rich, and presents its cuisine through a personal lens. The end result is a transporting love letter to Crete, an island with so much to give.
She has currently embarked on a journey of freelancing rather than being in a permanent kitchen space. This has given Marianna the opportunity to get involved in a number of projects that she feels passionate about, like menu consultancy, recipe development, food writing and storytelling, collaborations, TV and radio.
She continues to spend most of her time in the kitchen creating bespoke menus and catering for private events.


Hovarda, an Aegean-inspired bar & restaurant in London's Soho.