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13 Jan



Think of Brazil and immediately think: bustling culture and beautiful scenery. But beneath this, now we think: Victor C. A child of São Paulo, yet an adult student of London, Victor has played a key part of the capital’s musical scene since 2016 - initially DJing across venues like D-Edge, Egg and Corsica Studios, then co-founding his own party Fragments, which impressively saw Toto Chiavetta, Innellea, Marvin & Guy and Kris Davis play for the first few offerings. Yet, Victor’s involvement in London’s scene steps further: Being A&R for Acrylic on Canvas with Joone, this label is an outlet to support and showcase artists both have fallen in love with along the way. Artists including Tal Fussman, Jepe and more.
Swing our attention to his releases, and Victor C. is most notably behind ‘The Affair’ EP with Joone and 1403, which included a long-running and much-anticipated remix from Marcus Worgull. Both the original and remix in question hit the Beatport top 12th and 15th chart position respectively - not a bad career-starting milestone in the slightest. With his deep-rooted love of The Cure, Phil Collins and Dinosaur Jr. when younger, it’s easy to see where Victor’s musical influence stems from - influence which plays out in his own groove-ridden and infectious melodies. This is sound and quality which has also made him a regular ally on Secret Fusion, as well as earning his productions support from those including Worgull, Echonomist, Toto Chiavetta, Santiago Garcia - and even Tiësto.


Hovarda, an Aegean-inspired bar & restaurant in London's Soho.