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06 Jan



HARDT ANTOINE is a London based Artist. As his name homages his colourful ancestry, - the
DJ, Producer and promotor of French and West Indian decent, continuously combines his hugely
colourful and eclectic taste in music
When he has to - he describes his sound as 'sexy evolving melodies over deep, dark techno
In reality the music crosses genres seamlessly between house, techno and broken beats while
always showing off his influences of soul, disco, IDM, orchestral music and of course - Detroit
Taking pride in being 'dancefloor first' kind of DJ' - as his background has lead him to be -
Antoine is a music lover, deep digger and a selector with a very stubborn ear for quality. In the
studio he uses a huge variety of production methods to bring his analogue gear to life. He's also
not afraid to dig into his vast record collection for samples - don't ask him 'where the kick comes
In 2017 Antoine started Reculture. From the launch Reculture became one of London's most
respected events and the ethos instantly resonated with everyone attending or involved. The
music policy was simple - Antoine booked his favourite acts from across electronic music and
curated them into divers, not always expected line-ups for a united dancefloors.
Guests Have included, Anja Schneider, Mathew Jonson, Kevin Saunderson, Massimiliano
Pagliara, Butch and many others.
2020 saw the launch of the Reculture record label. The release's and music policy is the same as
the parties and everything Hardt Antoine does - showcasing sub-genre-free House, Techno &
beyond with an eye for quality, detail and musical authenticity.


Hovarda, an Aegean-inspired bar & restaurant in London's Soho.